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What is Learn4Life?

Learn4Life is a constantly growing network of nonprofit programs dedicated to solving the dropout problem.  Our mission is to connect students to one of our partnered resource centers located throughout California, and each student receives a personalized learning plan to help them reach their goals. No two students are alike, and we don’t educate them that way either.

Why are we here? The dropout problem is a serious one, with millions of students dropping out of school each year. Each high-school dropout creates a huge economic and social burden on our society

Our mission is clear: recover those students who have dropped out or who are in danger of dropping out. Get them into a resource center. Motivate them. Mentor them. Counsel them. And of course, teach them.

We help guide them to a resource center to further their education. We show them what the world can be like if they are willing to work for it. We listen to them. And we give them hope.

Thousands of children in California have successfully graduated with this personalized learning approach. Many graduates have gone on to college. Some go straight into the work force. Some have taken the skills learned in a Career Technical Education program to begin a career rather than just a job. Regardless of the specific path they choose, our goal is to show them the path to becoming productive members of our society.

Learn4Life partners admit students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin.


Exclusive Partnership Program

Some of our partner programs include:


Learn4Life’s partners meet the unique needs of students by creating programs that accounts for their individual ability, pace and interests.
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Check out our frequently asked questions section to find answers or contact us and a representative will help answer any questions you may have.
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We have a constantly growing network of public charter schools.

There are over 50 recognized Personalized Learning Charter Schools in and around Central and Southern California. As our map shows, with this many Charter Schools around Central and Southern California, we will help you find a school that fits your needs.

To help get started and find out which of our many Learn 4 Life or other Personalized Learning Charter Schools locations are a perfect match for your student’s individual learning needs, input your zip code below.

Grades 9-12, ages 14-19. Flexible weekly appointments with a credentialed teacher plus required labs. Designed for students who need credit recovery or flexible scheduling.

Grades K-12, Ages 5-19. Flexible monthly appointments with a credentialed teacher, plus optional on-site classes. Designed for success-driven students interested in a parent-directed educational alternative. Not ideal for high school credit recovery.

about us

Our mission is to always provide:

• A safe and affirming learning environment
• Highly qualified teachers
• State standards of education

At Learn 4 Life we continually seek to meet the highest standards. We only employ teachers that offer the highest quality of education standards available. Also, every one of our teachers holds credentials from the California Department of Education. Learn More About Us >>

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