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Learn4Life is all about providing personalized learning.

Learn4Life is a constantly growing network of public charter schools offering a free high school diploma program. Our mission is to connect students to one of our partnered resource centers located throughout California. Once there, students receive a personalized learning plan and one-on-one attention in a safe environment so they can focus on learning at a pace that fits their schedule. No two students are alike, and we don't educate them that way either.

Why are we here? The dropout problem is a serious one, with millions of students dropping out of school each year. Each high-school dropout creates a huge economic and social burden on our society. Years ago, our founders recognized the scope of that problem and decided to do something about it.

Our mission is a clear one: recover those students who have dropped out or who are in danger of dropping out. Get them into a resource center. Motivate them. Mentor them. Counsel them. And of course, teach them.

We help guide them to a resource center to further their education. We show them what the world can be like if they are willing to work for it. We listen to them. We help them reach their goals. And we give them hope.

Thousands of children in California have successfully graduated with this personlized learning approach. Many graduates have gone on to college. Some go straight into the work force. Some have taken the skills learned in a Career Technical Education program to get a jump-start on a promising future right out of high school with the mastery of real-world professional and technical skills. Regardless of the specific path they choose, our goal is to show them the path to becoming productive members of our society.

Learn4Life admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin.

Exclusive Partnership Program

We also have resource centers that offer programs that provide instruction exclusively in partnership with any one of the following:

  • The federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act;
  • Federally affiliated Youth Build programs;
  • Instruction provided to juvenile court school students pursuant to Education Code Sections 42238.18(c) or 1981.

All schools in the Learn4Life Network qualify under the Alternative Schools Accountability Model (ASAM).